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Moving Services

Fast and affordable moving services, we strive to make your move easier. Our professional, San Diego movers do all of the following:

From 5th floor walk-ups to moving grand pianos and moving spas or jacuzzis, we do it all
Equipped to make difficult jobs seem simple
Each one of our movers has undergone extensive training
Safer and more efficient moving of household goods
We are a moving company that unpacks and organizes. We also offer to pack all of your belongings
We can supply boxes and packing materials at no delivery cost - we only deliver boxes for large orders due to fuel and time.
Same day pack and move service for small or urgent moves
Affordable movers


Some customers prefer to do their own packing. We are a full service furniture moving company that offers to pack and unpack all of your belongings.

We also offer boxes and packing materials at no delivery cost. Packing should be done one to two days before the actual move begins. However, we can pack and move in the same day for small or urgent moves.

Did you know? Coast Moving is a highly recommended moving company in the senior citizen community. For more information, see our Senior Services page.

Senior Moving & Packing Service

Whether its packing the entire house, or just the fragile kitchen items, our packers take much of the effort, time and tedium out of the moving process.

Similar to moving, packing is a challenge physically.  In fact, it can actually be harder on your back.  Spending hours upon hours bending down, picking up and packing items will leave most folks sore for days to come. For us it's just business as usual.  We perform household packs regularly and therefore have the experience to do so in the most safe and time-conscious manner.

In addition to packing and crating, we also have a crew of specialized senior movers.

Here is a rundown some of the senior citizen moving services we offer:

Packing and unpacking of all household goods
Art crating
A photographic record to ensure placement of your objects, arts and treasures

Other Services: Estate Sale, Liquidation, Consignment Center + Donations.

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Here is a list of some terrific senior communities that recommend Coastal Moving to their residents:La Costa Glen
1941 Lancewood Lane, Carlsbad, CA
The Arbors at Rancho Penasquitos
12979 Rancho Penasquitos Blvd, San Diego, CA
San Diego Retirement Communities Wesley Palms
2404 Loring Street, San Diego, CA
Vista Village Senior Living
2041 West Vista Way, Vista, CA
Atria Encinitas South
504 S El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA
Villa Bonita Senior Living
3434 Bonita Road, Chula Vista, CA
Casa De Manana
849 Coast Blvd, La Jolla, CA

San Diego's Local Moving Experts

Coastal Moving is a local, family operated organization dedicated to providing the most professional local moving service in San Diego County.  Since opening in 2004, we've worked with dedication to train and organize a staff of friendly, hard working and competent movers.  We've also put our focus on developing and fine-tuning a system that would eliminate classic issues such as inefficiency (wasted time) and mistakes (damaged items).  We hope folks will take a few minutes to learn more about some of the methods we use to ensure a smooth relocation. 

For moving assistance, feel free to call our staff any day of the week. Each and every move is unique, so we'll aim to go over your move thoroughly, answering any questions you may have.

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Expert in Services

Our services include local and long distance moving for homes, apartments, storages or offices.  We provide help for seniors and apartment communities, as well as delivery plans for furniture stores, antique dealers, consignment shops, and art galleries.  Our moving staff are experts in handling some of the most challenging items, such as grand pianos, safes, spas, recliner sofas, and cubicles.  Treasured items such as fine art, fragile kitchenware, and display pieces, can be carefully boxed up by our packing crews.  No matter the scale of the move or the difficulty of the piece, we have the people and tools to ensure a smooth delivery.

Established San Diego Moving Company

Coastal Moving is licensed, family owned, and BBB accredited.  We're fully insured (carrying cargo insurance, general liability, workers compensation, and auto insurance) and unique in that we never use subcontractors.  All of our crews move furniture for Coastal Moving's clients daily. 

Responsive Customer Support

Our service regions include all of San Diego and surrounding areas.  For moving inquiries (last-minute moves are OK!), feel free to call us until 8:00 pm... 7 days a week.  We promise from the very beginning to provide all the assistance you'll need to help get you moving.

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Licensed and insured moving company in San Diego. Let our expert San Diego Movers handle your upcoming relocation.

Apartment Moving

Although the household and apartment moving process share many similarities, in an apartment complex movers are more likely to encounter elevators and long carries.  In such a case, the right moving equipment can make a huge difference.

[apartment-movers-san-diego] Without specialized apartment equipment, movers would be limited to moving just a stack of boxes, or a single item of furniture, at a time.  Even though this gets the job done, it's not the most efficient way to go about things.

Our solution is to use large gondola boxes set on four-wheel dollies, called Speed Packs.  These Speed Packs can be loaded with boxes, chairs, tables, and almost any other small piece. Multiple items can be taken from your home to the truck at once.  It's no longer necessary for customers to incur the expense of having difficult access.

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Movers and Packers San Diego

[moversandpackerssandiego] While changing residence can elicit a great deal of excitement, the actual task of moving your belongings certainly doesn’t. Moving and packing are words that tend to raise a pretty negative reaction in most, usually because it quickly becomes apparent how much stuff has accumulated over the years. It’s not even just the amount of items that have to be packed away neatly; it’s the collecting of boxes and supplies, not to mention the planning that has to be performed before the first teacup is wrapped in paper. The good news is that our San Diego movers and packerscan help you every step of the way. 

The reality is that you don’t even have to worry about the headache of packing up and moving your things if you spend a little extra to hire the right company. We understand just how stressful the whole process can be which means we know how important it is for us to offer comprehensive moving services. Our San Diego movers and packers will come to your home, pack and catalog all of your items, and then move it to your new location. Not only does that remove a great deal of stress, it also opens up a whole bunch of free time that you can use to take care of your other business at both ends of the move.

Having professional packing services means having the time to arrange utilities and such at your new home, while also allowing you to get to know your new location a little better. Moving to a new city can be a little daunting and it’s easy to feel lost when you arrive. The internet has made it easier to get to know the lay of the land and exactly what you can expect to find in and around your new neighborhood. It really is amazing how much you can get accomplished when you leave all the details of moving and packing in the hands of the pros at Coastal Moving.

When it comes to choosing your San Diego packers and movers, you should always make sure to go with one that knows the trade well, having plenty of experience in providing pack and move services. The packing side is especially important as you want to make sure that all of your valuables arrive in one piece. Organization really is one of the key elements when it comes to moving, and if you choose to enlist with an established company, BBB membership, and licensing, then you are setting yourself up for a smooth move that will be as pleasant as the San Diego sunshine. Call us today, to help get you squared away! 

Learn how to pack your dishes and personal items

Moving and Packing Services in San Diego, CA

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Household Moving

Two of the biggest factors when considering movers are the amount time the move will take, and whether the furniture will arrive to its destination safely.  Coastal Moving has the right equipment and system in place to ensure a smooth and efficient move.

We pride ourselves in having the most modern equipment in the moving industry.  Anything that can reduce damage and increase efficiency, we add to our trucks.  Here is a list of some of the things we use to safeguard your belongings:

Furniture is handled by our movers, who come prepared with plenty of thick moving blankets to protect your belongings. Pads are secured by large rubber bands of varying sizes, or by tape or shinkwrap. Furniture stays padded until it has been placed in its new home.

Doorjam protectors are installed. We then lay runners down for the floors, and pad stairway banisters.

We have bed bags available to protect mattresses of all sizes.

Shrink-wrap for sofas, loose/particle-board furniture and other items that require stability.

8-12 free wardrobes for clothes and shoes.

Assembly and disassembly of furniture.

Trucks tailored for moving - as large as 32' of box space

Speed-Pack boxes to help with long carries, and to protect larger, hard-to-pack electronics.

A policy of hand carrying items up floors with highly sensitive surfaces

Glass, mirrors and pictures are placed into hexacomb packs: