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Apartment Movers San Diego - Apartment Moving by Coastal Moving

Apartment Moving

Although the household and apartment moving process share many similarities, in an apartment complex movers are more likely to encounter elevators and long carries.  In such a case, the right moving equipment can make a huge difference.

apartment-movers-san-diegoWithout specialized apartment equipment, movers would be limited to moving just a stack of boxes, or a single item of furniture, at a time.  Even though this gets the job done, it's not the most efficient way to go about things.

Our solution is to use large gondola boxes set on four-wheel dollies, called Speed Packs.  These Speed Packs can be loaded with boxes, chairs, tables, and almost any other small piece. Multiple items can be taken from your home to the truck at once.  It's no longer necessary for customers to incur the expense of having difficult access.

Apartment Moving San Diego

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