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Moving & Packing Tips

A little good advice can go a long way!

Being prepared saves time and money, without exception. Here are some tips for those looking to save some money and make their move run more fluidly.

  • Put in a box anything that can fit in one. If you don't finish packing completely, clear furniture completely of loose items and put them in a place that's out of the way.

  • Use good moving boxes, and tape the bottoms (use packing tape instead of duct tape or other kinds of tape). Stack them 5 feet high so the movers can approach them with a dolly and take them quickly away.

  • If not everything is being moved, use colored labels (little neon-colored stickers you can buy at Staples) to designate what goes (or doesn't go - whichever is easiest).

  • Disconnect electronics, take off lampshades, take down pictures and mirrors, compile backyard furniture in one spot. If you'd like, you can take apart things like beds, desks, entertainment centers, leaves from the dining table, glass from curio, etc. Otherwise, our guys must spend time disassembling and assembling, which is no problem - but it does take time.

  • Access for our moving trucks is very important.  You should think where the best place for us to park is and, if it's a public street, set out cones or park your own cars to reserve the spot the night before. Remember, the trucks - including cab, box and ramp - measure about 40 feet.

  • When the movers are unloading, always be around the front door when the mover comes into the house with furniture

  • Try to plan where furniture will go in your new premises beforehand, as this will speed up offloading.

The following links are provided to help you on your upcoming move. If you have any questions, give us a call and we'll be glad to help.

Choosing the correct box sizes when packing:

Packing FAQ: